About Us

About Spot Response

Spot Response is a digital marketing consulting firm based in Malaysia, specializing in acquiring targeted traffic and converting visitors to leads and customers.

Our belief is to help businesses grow, and how we do it is by applying concrete marketing methodologies, backed by data to make decisions to increase the revenue of businesses.

This is achieved through applying the art and science of direct response marketing, validated by data and analytics to make scientific decisions to improving the ROI of businesses.

We have 12 years of expertise in digital marketing and have experience operating across platforms, from Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Google Analytics, to major display and video DSPs like Turn, Brandscreen, TubeMogul, etc for SMEs, local conglomerates and multinational brands.

The firm was started out of passion for digital and direct response marketing. Principles of direct response are applied in digital marketing practices & strategies while measuring and testing for optimum results.

We can help you to plan, strategize and implement digital marketing efforts to improve the overall ROI of your business.